Prairie City Community Association
Prairie City, OR 97869

The Greater Prairie City Community Association is a dynamic group of citizens committed to keeping Prairie City a thriving and viable community for all its residents.

Organized as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit in 2003 the group has been responsible for many of the most enjoyed and welcomed additions to the city over the past eight years.

Among the projects the group has worked on or funded over the past years are the new public rest rooms at City Park, the acquisition for future development of the Texaco property by the City Hall of Prairie City, and the beautiful art murals at either end of the town welcoming visitors to Prairie City, benches in the downtown and hosting Cycle Oregon in 1995 and again in 2001.

The group has sponsored the development of Camp Logan Days through volunteer contributions and financial assistance as a showcase event depicting the living history of Camp Logan, a military camp on the Dalles to Boise Military Road, in 1863-1869. The camp was located southeast of the Prairie City town site on what is now the Oxbow Ranch.

Each year, around the 3rd weekend in May, the camp is re-created by the Prairie City School History Club. Students from the fifth grade class and any interested members of the community participate in a living history exhibit, open to the public.

The PCCA sponsors several annual events in Prairie City including the Fourth of July Parade and celebration. Check the Events page on this website for descriptions of events and actual dates.

PCCA is currently sponsoring the Horizons Leadership training program in Prairie City where anyone in the community can take leadership training offered through Rural Development Initiatives and the Northwest Area Foundation at no charge. This 18 month long program aspires to develop new leaders for our many community elected offices and boards as well as volunteers to work on community development projects. Development of this website is a project of the Prairie City Horizons Leadership Team.

Five miles east of Prairie City a Conestoga Wagon sits atop a lookout area north of Highway 26. Visitors stop here to take in the panoramic views of the John Day Valley and the breathtaking and beautiful Strawberry Mountains and adjacent Strawberry Mountain Wilderness area.

The PCCA maintains this visitor site with information boards about the area with maps and advertising from area businesses. We invite you to visit these businesses while you are visiting our area.

Please help us keep the viewpoint clean, and remember, we have an Official State of Oregon Rest Area across from City Hall on Bridge Street, in downtown Prairie City.