Prairie City Train Mural

Prairie City, Oregon

Eastern Oregon

Prairie City, Oregon, is a charming small town of 910 (and growing!!). This quaint little town is the consummate picture of small town America, nestled at the edge of the prairie, by the John Day River in Eastern Oregon.

Prairie City, Oregon, sits on the north side of a wide prairie that inclines to the base of the Strawberry Mountain Range.

Strawberry Mountain looks down upon Prairie City, OR, creating one of the most photogenic vistas on the "Journey Through Time" Scenic Byway. The John Day River's headwaters originate in the Strawberry Mountains. This river is one of the longest free flowing rivers in the Continental United States.

Front Street

Prairie City is a community that exceeds in "people pride", where you will find many friendly, courteous, and industrious people.

Prairie City has exciting historical assets of railroading, stock raising, lumbering, gold mining, the Cavalry, and of the homesteading period. This town's streets and historic buildings tell tales of a yesteryear.

This small community enjoys unsurpassed beauty, a small yet strong business district, an arts community, high speed internet service, and wonderful schools in a safe environment.

Prairie City has awesome potential, beauty that is immeasurable, and a spirit that needs to honored, nurtured, and developed. Opportunities abound for community and economic development. The common attitude of it's residents is, "Our Glass Is Half Full".

The charming and historic buildings of Prairie City tell stories that you won't soon forget. Every door you open reveals a new and unexpected surprise.

Prairie City is not a town to drive through. It is a town that conceals a hidden treasure behind each and every door. So stop your car, get out and walk the two blocks of its main street, open the doors of its businesses and step into another world.

Prairie City Church

If you've never walked through an old fashioned General Store ... you'll find one here. If you've always wanted to see Boone and Crockett record game mounts ... you'll find them here. If genuine western wear (the kind real cowboys wear), is your objective ... you will find it in here.

You will find gas, groceries, gifts, and souvenirs. There are restaurants, banks, a dentist, barber shop, beauty shop, museum, RV Park, antique store, bakery, plant nurseries with gardening supplies, nursing home, hospice service, churches, video rentals, western wear store, a Big Game Museum, and lodging at your choice of Bed and Breakfasts or motel.

The Visitors Information Center is located at Prairie Drug and Hardware, where you will find the latest fishing and hunting information and hunting and fishing licenses.

Prairie City, Oregon - Satiate your appetite for the grandeur of nature by visiting the Conestoga Wagon viewpoint, just 5 minutes east of Prairie City, Oregon, on Highway 26. Watch the sun paint our Strawberry Mountains in shades of red, purple & gold as it sinks into the Western skyline.