Strawberry Wilderness Area

Over 100 miles of trails cross this rugged high-country, offering inspiring vistas at elevations ranging from 4,000 feet to 9,038 feet (at the summit) of Strawberry Mountain.

Hikers can enjoy a 200 foot waterfall and seven pristine Alpine Lakes, abounding with twenty two species of fish. Be prepared to observe up to 378 kinds of birds, fur bearing animals, including, black bear, cougar, and California Big Horn Sheep that make their home in our very own 68,700 acre Strawberry Wilderness, and bring your camera to take pictures of the Bald Eagles that winter here every year.

Families can bird watch, pan for gold, or spend the day touring the perimeter of the Strawberry Wilderness Area, on paved, well maintained roads, ford the Middle Fork of the Malheur River or venture into remote U.S. Forest Service Campgrounds, which dot the area.

Prairie City is the "Gateway to The Strawberry Wilderness"